Committed to building a better Berkeley Heights, making everyone feel welcomed, included & valued.

Re-elect Stephen Yellin & Alvaro Medeiros to Township Council by November 2, 2021!

We’re focused on progress, not politics; and bringing our community closer together, every step of the way.

Watch the League of Women Voters debate and see what everyone is talking about. Alvaro & Stephen are the ONLY candidates who have a firm grasp of the issues facing Berkeley Heights and talk about the actions they have taken, with Mayor Angie Devanney, to move the town in a better direction. There’s no question after watching this who the right team is for BH Town Council. 

Hello, Berkeley Heights! I’m Mayor Angie Devanney. Welcome to BH Better Together, where everyone is welcomed and respected.

We put people and progress before politics, community priorities over the special interests of a few, and we eat, breathe and live purple. What IS purple? Purple is blue (Democrats) and red (Republican) coming together to work for the good of our residents.

How to Vote in 2021 - other than at your polling place on November 2

Vote by Mail

If you requested and received a vote-by-mail (VBM) ballot, you have to either send in your ballot by Election Day (November 2), or vote Provisional (paper ballot) at your polling place. You will NOT be able to use the voting machine if you received a Provisional ballot.

Early Voting on the Machine

Early voting at various locations around the county from October 23rd-October 31st. Closest voting location to BH is the New Providence Municipal Center, 360 Elkwood Avenue, Gymnasium (Academy Street Entrance).
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