We’re focused on progress, not politics;
bringing our community closer
every step of the way.


Mayor Angie Devanney.

Hello, Berkeley Heights!


I’m Mayor Angie Devanney. Welcome to BH Better Together, where everyone is welcomed and respected.


We put people and progress before politics, community priorities over the special interests of a few, and we eat, breathe and live purple.


What IS purple?


Purple is blue (Democrats) and red (Republican) coming together to work for the good of our residents.

Our 2021 Candidates

Stephen Yellin & Alvaro Medeiros

  • We are very proud of our record in helping to build a better Berkeley Heights where, as we see it, all residents are welcome and valued both now and in years to come.
  • We are asking the residents of our town to give us the opportunity of a second term on the Township Council so that we can continue to ensure that all voices are heard and so that the progress that we made since being elected with Mayor Angie Devanney can continue.
  • With our experience and shared vision of what Berkeley Heights can be, we’re ready to keep on working to make our community better.

Stephen Yellin

Councilman Stephen Yellin is a lifelong resident whose family has lived in town for over half a century. He’s worked hard to give residents a voice in our town’s future. 

Alvaro Medeiros

Councilman Alvaro Medeiros is an over 25-year resident of Berkeley Heights who, together with his wife, Amalia, raised and educated two children through the BH school system.

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